Freedom, like Consciously, is Everything



"Co-creating the new earth means co-creating a world where everyone feels free."



The more I think about Freedom, the more I realize that it is tied to everything.

When I first started Consciously, I thought it was all about self-awareness and fulfillment.

But the more I learn about myself, the more fulfilled I feel, the more I realize just how important freedom is to it all.

Today, I see freedom as a feeling that is a reflection of a level of consciousness.

The more you learn about who you are, the more free you begin to feel.

And while the same goes for fulfillment, the experience isn't quite the same.

I can feel fulfilled, without feeling the same level of freedom.

But if I feel free, I likely feel fulfilled as well.'

So for me, I am reaching for a greater experience of freedom, more than anything else.

And this is perhaps the most important leadership journey I've ever been on.

This is also why I've centered Consciously around the co-creation of it as well.

Mainly because the creation of freedom supersedes pretty much everything else.

Money. Power. Success.

You can have these things, but if you don't feel free, they are practically meaningless.

You can see this play out on global scale today.

You can see the impact of people feeling less-than free.

You can see the hurt that is created when people have their freedom taken away from them.

You can see how much people are willing to fight for their freedom.

So rather than getting to a point where one feels like they need to fight for their freedom, I want Consciously to support leaders as they co-create freedom for themselves, the people around them, and the planet.

And the co-creation of freedom occurs through finding oneself.Through consciously living, leading, and loving.

Co-creating the new earth means co-creating a world where everyone feels free.

Free to spend their days doing what they truly want, not what they think they are supposed to do.

Free to work as much as they want, or free to relax as much as they want.

This is not just a part of my purpose, or the purpose of Consciously, this is the journey that I am on with my clients.

And while I may enjoy more freedoms than many others, there is always work to do.

For none of us are truly free, until we are all fully free.