Like any other epic journey, we could recount all the little synchronous details that led us here. However, our story began with remembering our purpose, answering the call, embodying our leadership, and stepping into our power as creators.

This is when Consciously was born

For years we yearned for family, for community, and deep connection. For a space where we could feel a sense of love and belonging. 

We yearned for Home.

As we remembered our power, we realized we could create Home for ourselves.

And so we did.


Conscious Helpers
was created.

We knew it was time to create a business, but we didn’t know what it was.
We did know it needed to be bigger than us.

We played with the idea. We explored. We dreamed. We pushed the concepts we held about ‘what is possible’, and dreamed of what this “thing” could be.

We knew becoming conscious was core.
We knew service was critical.

After years of developing our practices, we realized our vision and mission was about leading, living, and loving.


Conscious Helpers became Consciously.

To do anything consciously means to hold awareness and act from intent. From personal values. From purpose.

And when you lead in this way, you create good for yourself and all those around you.

This is the way. 
This is the path. 
This is our purpose.

We birthed a new creation

Our daughter was born.

Inspired. The trajectory changed. 
It accelerated. Upward.

We got focused. 
We felt clear. Aligned. Motivated. 

She made everything clearer. We realized what was possible.

Freedom and Fulfillment. This is possible.

The path can be scary, bumpy, and dimly lit.

But it doesn’t have to stay that way.

We create freedom and fulfillment from a sense of wellness

Today, Consciously exists to co-create a Collective of light bearing leaders who walk towards freedom and fulfillment and inspire leaders around them to do the same.

Clients. Coaches. Counselors. Consultants.
We are all a part of The Consciously Collective.

The Consciously Collective is centered on leading the co-creation of a New Earth through conscious leadership, creativity, and spirituality.

A world where every leader is free to spend their time and energy in any way they choose.

The vision for a New Earth depends on those who lead well.

This is why Consciously connects leaders with coaches, counselors, and consultants.

When leaders create from a place of true wellness, that is when the goodness of who we are expands beyond our bodies, onto people around us, and returns to the planet.

To lead well. To create this vision. We must feel well.

We must Consciously co-create this future. Together.