We are all leaders of our lives. And our answer to the call to lead can look very different.

Some of us accept highly visible roles, leading Fortune 500 giants. While others lead in ways that are not commonly acknowledged, like being a loving parent.

No two leadership journeys look the same, but one thing remains true: all leaders need support to become the leaders they are meant to be.

Consciously offers every leader the opportunity to customize their collection of support. This could look like leadership coaching, wellness counseling, and/or organizational consulting. We do this to support leaders of all kinds as they expand, transform, and become their fullest selves.

Executive & Leadership Coaching

Everyone can - and does - benefit from leadership coaching. Our approach to leadership coaching focuses first on the client’s purpose and then on how they want to fulfill it. Some of the contexts we coach leaders include:

  • Individual 1:1: An individual leader comes to Consciously looking to create purposeful change in their lives and develop their leadership along the way
  • Team/Organizational 1:1s: A team/organization leader wants to invest in their team/organization’s success through 1:1 coaching for their teammates
  • Team/Group Coaching Circles: A team/organization wants to invest in their team’s performance through small or large group coaching arrangements
Mental Health & Wellness Counseling

When a person's journey includes deep trauma or mental health challenges, they need a licensed wellness professional to partner with them on their path to self-discovery and healing. Counseling can be a beautiful and transformative  companion to leadership coaching. Some of the contexts we counsel with leaders include:

  • Individual 1:1: A leader is looking to start or continue their transformative healing journey.
  • Combined 1:1s: A leadership coaching client hits big emotional roadblocks that require the support of a Counselor in addition to a Leadership Coach.
  • Group Healing Circles: A team/organization leader wants to create large-scale healing in their organization and provides group healing circles for their teammates.

Organizational Consulting

Organizational Consulting Services - Our organizational consulting services help tailor our collection of offerings so that the organizational change that is desired is fully supported. Our consulting options include:

  • Leadership Coaching: Individual, team, and group leadership coaching to drive desired change.
  • Leadership Coaching + Leadership Wellness & Mental Health Support: Combining leadership coaching with organizational healing for comprehensive support.
  • Leadership Coaching (or Leadership Wellness) + Leadership Workshops: Coaching supplemented with targeted leadership workshops.
  • Customized Support: Create a unique strategy with additional support, such as meditation, relationship coaching, fitness coaching, nutrition coaching, financial coaching, branding strategy, or business coaching.

At Consciously, we love to customize offerings to support your transformational journey. Our Consulting services are designed to guide you towards the tailored support you need. This could be through leadership coaching, mental health and wellness support, leadership workshops, or a customized blend of expert guidance. We're here to help you consciously create the change you desire, ensuring it perfectly aligns with your organization's vision and mission.  

Co-Create with us

The Consciously Collective

offers a collection of services that address the whole leader in any aspect of their lives, including:

  • Leadership Development Coaching
  • Leadership Development Workshops
  • Mental health and Wellness Counseling
  • Spiritual Development Coaching
  • Mindfulness & Meditation Teachings and Lessons
  • Creativity Development Coaching
  • Physical & Wellness Coaching ( fitness, nutrition, sleep)
  • Financial Wellness Coaching
  • Relationship Quality & Health Coaching
  • Personal and Business/Branding Consulting & Coaching
  • Entrepreneurship & Business Coaching
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