The Consciously Collective is a growing global community of purpose-driven coaches, counselors, and consultants.

Collective Value

Becoming a monthly member of The Consciously Collective offers you an opportunity to:

  • Join a growing global network of purpose-driven thought leaders, healers, and change-makers.
  • Create and develop conversations that shift consciousness upward/forward.
  • Have your coaching profile, business, or signature products shared with top Fortune 500 companies via Consciously’s Website
  • Co-create change with Consciously’s growing list of highly-aligned corporate and individual clients.
  • Receive a Consciously email
  • Participate in a variety of groups & online spaces dedicated to topics of interest

Coming soon! …

  • Participate in Collective-only in-person experiences such as: leadership retreats, conferences, etc.
  • Receive early-access and discounts to publicly available workshops, courses, and experiences.
  • Participate in dozens of Collective experiences that create space for connection, learning, and healing.

Your Investment

Becoming a monthly member of The Consciously Collective asks you to be willing to invest:

  • 2+ hours every month to participate in a Consciously Circle of your choosing for 6 months
  • The time & energy required to create one (1) themed post/blog per month (e.g. The Collective Conscience)
  • 1 hour every quarter to host an experience for The Consciously Collective
  • $33/month or $333/annually


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