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Kvon Tucker

“...working with Consciously has been more valuable, more rewarding, and more fulfilling than any other investment of time and resources.”

-Peter Duyan, VP of Product Design at Credit Karma

How We Came Together

In Q3 2021, the VP of Product Design, Peter Duyan, reached out to our CEO, Kvon Tucker, for an exploratory conversation. In this conversation the two agreed that Kvon Tucker would coach roughly 10 Managers and Directors, including Peter himself. There was one stipulation that Kvon insisted on: if he were to be the coach for each leader, he would support each leader on whatever topics that were important to them. These topics would span leadership at work as well as leadership at home. Peter was highly-aligned  to this approach and the first coaching sessions were conducted in Q1 2022.

How We Serve Credit Karma Today

As of Q4 2023, our partnership with Credit Karma’s Product Design organization has proven to be ideal. Consciously now supports 30+ Individual Contributors (ICs), Managers, and Directors with 1:1 Leadership Coaching. Consciously also supports these leaders with Mental-Health and Wellness Counseling, as well as Quarterly Leadership Workshops to support relevant challenges.

Change We’ve Co-Created

Our key partner, Peter Duyan, VP of Product Design, offers his perspective on the impact of Co-Creating Change with Consciously:

“The management layer of the Credit Karma design and research team began working with Consciously in 2020. In the past 3 years, Consciously has transformed what it means to be a design and research manager at Credit Karma. As a management group, the style of conversation we have is increasingly more compassionate, self-aware, full of humor, and productive. On a weekly level it feels like we are talking about the most important things and helping each other collectively strive to be our best.

It is difficult to measure the organizational impact that we have felt on our team and within our management group. What I can say is that working with Consciously has been more valuable, more rewarding, and more fulfilling than any other investment of time and resources. I can also confidently say that all of our managers are on the journey to become the best professional version of themselves, the most authentic version of themselves, and the most on purpose version of themselves.

Qualitatively, I know the purpose-driven coaching of Consciously sets a foundation for how we communicate with each other, trust each other, and lead with our hearts - establishing love and respect as a foundation for our professional lives. With the stories people share, it is clear Consciously is accelerating the individual journeys we are all on.

Quantitatively, we use the familiar team benchmarking tool Culture Amp - and with this data we are able to see extremely positive results to questions such as "My Manager cares about my wellbeing" and "My manager cares about my growth." This trend has continued during the time we have been working with Consciously and I have no doubt that this correlation is due to the impact Consciously has on every manager within our organization.

It really does feel like our management team and Consciously are co-creating the future of management on our team, and this partnership is clearly one of the superpowers for our group!”

-Peter Duyan, VP of Product Design at Credit Karma

Through our partnership with Credit Karma, we are co-creating Leadership Coaching opportunities for Credit Karma VPs, Directors, Managers, and Individual Contributors. By the end of this leadership development experience, participants will develop clarity on their leadership and personal purpose, a vision for the future and their role, tangible results towards the realization of their leadership purpose, and greater self-awareness.

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